Our Construction Quality Assurance Assessment Report is a visual assessment of the quality and workmanship of the property’s construction against acceptable industry standards.

Using the builder’s construction contract?…. How can you be sure of the standard of quality and workmanship? Don’t just rely on your builder’s say so. Building a home is a complex thing regardless of the promises of “design & construct” making it simple. So when you engage a builder you need to be absolutely sure that your interests are protected. How many stories have you heard where this has not occurred?

Check each stage of your building project with an independently assessed Construction Quality Assurance Assessment – as a guide for you and the builder – before you payment is sought by your builder……. for peace of mind!

Our Construction Quality Assurance Assessment Report will check if your building works comply with applicable quality standards. It provides you with a written summary and is available for each stage of the building process.


  • Observed building defects;
  • Observed area or items of poor quality workmanship.

Avoid costly building disputes, potential mediation and financial distress by having a recognised independent expert assess the progress and quality of your building project – to assist you both – before payment is sought by your builder.

It does not matter whether your project is big or small; if you enter into a builder based contract you need to protect your interests with independent expert advice. If this expert is missing from your project Archicentre Australia Architects can assist.

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We can assess the works at any, or all, of the following typical eight stages of a complete building project;

STAGE 1 – Contract Review

Where common contract terms and client/builder obligations are explained

STAGE 2 – Base

After concrete footings are poured, or after stumps, piers, columns, or the concrete floor has been completed

STAGE 3 – Frame

When wall and roof frames have been completed

STAGE 4 – Lock up

When external walls are complete, windows, doors and roof coverings are fixed and the flooring has been laid and the building is secure

STAGE 5 – Services (pre-lining)

When preliminary plumbing and electrical works have been completed, and wall insulation is in place

STAGE 6 – Fix/Fit-out (pre-paint)

When all interior work is complete and the property is ready for painting

STAGE 7 – Pre-Handover

When the property is presented for handover

STAGE 8 – Maintenance Period Expiry

Just before the Maintenance or Defects Liability period expires (typically 3-6 months after completion)

To arrange a Construction Quality Assurance Assessment Report or to get an obligation-free over the phone quote, call Archicentre Australia on 1300 13 45 13, or submit an enquiry with your details and we’ll call you!