Where projects are likely to impact on neighbouring properties – say work on boundaries, roadworks, infrastructure projects or demolitions – it pays to follow protocols that give clarity to “before and after” circumstances.

Cracked brickwork or paving, broken fences, water ingress or damage to landscaping can all result in costly repairs, but how can you prove that the neighbouring building work has done the damage?

Protect your business from damage repair costs with a Dilapidation Survey.

Construction works can result in damage claims from neighbouring property owners, particularly because of the litigious nature of today’s society. Protect yourself and your reputation from false or unjustified claims.

Experienced Archicentre Australia architects will assess buildings, surrounding areas and provide comprehensive reports that include photographic records.

These reports record the condition of the property at the time of the assessment and are used by many high profile civil and commercial construction companies in order to protect their interests.

Archicentre Australia Dilapidation Reports:

  • Protect your company in the event of a future claim
  • Are used by a range of high-profile civil and commercial construction companies
  • Accurately assess residential and commercial buildings, civil infrastructure and street assets
  • Can be done quickly to meet project timeframes.