Sustainable house design makes a lot of sense. Archicentre Australia is a national provider of design architects and assessment experts, specialising in advice and expertise for building, buying and renovating sustainable homes.

When undertaking any of these strategies, it is important to consider the following.

Design for your specific climate

With 8 general climate zones in Australia, building a sustainable home needs to take into account the particular climate you live in. Our design architects take into account factors such as well ventilated, lightweight structures in hot, dry climates and well-insulated with plentiful solar access in colder climates.

Choose size wisely

The smaller your home, the easier it is to make the house more energy efficient, reducing both your upfront and ongoing costs.

An eco house design should be passive

An eco house design will embrace passive cooling and heating with factors such as ventilation, insulation, orientation, shading, glazing and spatial zoning all playing a role in the efficiency of the home.

sustainable house design plans

“Global warming”, “climate-change”, and “sustainability” are words we hear regularly these days, but what do they all mean for home-owners, home-buyers or new home builders?

The answers aren’t always clear and the information is often confusing. Most people will agree, however that we’re building more, bigger homes than ever before, that collectively they consume vast amounts of energy and water and that we should do something about it. Download our Sustainable Living Guide

Other considerations for a sustainable house design

Lifestyle Discussion

  • Current lifestyle
  • Future growth and lifestyle changes – e.g into retirement or special needs
  • Optimise home running costs

Design Options

  • Can my existing home be made more sustainable?
  • If I renovate should I go up, out or both?
  • What construction systems can I use to save money?

Development Alternatives

  • How will local development controls affect design ideas?
  • How long is the project likely to take?
  • Should I renovate, demolish and re-build or sell and buy elsewhere?


  • Is my budget enough to achieve what I want to do?
  • How can I revise my brief (needs) to match my budget?

A Design Consultation will help you to explore the possibilities and to decide which course of action is right for you.


All the design architects we use are registered in their respective States (i.e. having completed at least 5 years of tertiary study and have at least 2 years of post-graduate practical industry experience as well as having successfully completed the Board of Architects Registration examination).

They are:

  • Highly qualified, highly regarded, independent architectural design experts
  • Members of the Australian Institute of Architects, and
  • Covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

Get Qualified and independent design advice

Archicentre Australia does not build homes or undertake renovations. So unlike much of the self serving advice offered typically by the building industry, we can guarantee the advice and recommendations you receive will be completely independent and objective.

The Design Consultation process is not about making a sale but providing helpful information to you, so you decide on the best course of action.

Would you like to discuss your sustainable home design needs or renovation project with one of our Design Architects? It’s easy! To arrange a time to discuss ideas, or to get an obligation-free over the phone quote:

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