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Archicentre Australia is automating the process of all services and is now making available online bookings for various reports that you might need for your property.

Creating an account will be the starting point once you’ve decided to order a report.  You will be asked to register first by providing some basic details.

Step 1

Choose which report you need performed by one of our Architects.

Step 2

Create an account or login. If you are registered already, login. If not register your account and you will be immediately taken to the next step of filling out the report request details.

Step 3

Fill out as much information about your property as possible and then submit your report booking request.

What’s next?

We will then contact you to verify any other details and confirm the price of your report and an invoice will be issued to you.  Once the invoice is settled, we will notify one of our architects who will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit your property.

Once the report is finalised you will be emailed to prompt you to log in to your account to download/collect your PDF property report.