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Custom home design makes a lot of sense, especially in today’s market where the big builders churn out cookie cutter homes that have no character or aesthetic appeal. Archicentre Australia is a national provider of design architects and assessment experts, specialising in advice and expertise for building, buying and renovating custom homes.

If you’re looking for a high quality, affordable, functional, unique design for your home, this is the right place to start.

Custom homes from an independent expert

Archicentre Australia has developed an approach that values its independence. In short, this means focusing on the particular subject matter without being influenced by vested interests.

An ever increasing feature of 21st. Century business is that developers, builders, trades and sellers of products do not disclose their vested interests. This is wrong and often the “new normal”.

Clients need to have confidence that the information they receive is not clouded by sectional interests.

We frequently advise clients who have been provided with a range of confusing “stories” – unravelling missing information or plainly incorrect assertions or proposed construction techniques. We impart basic information that allows clients to act with confidence when interacting with the building industry and allied professionals.

Keeping it clear, using common sense, providing a much needed and informed approach – setting a direction.

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Our architects breathe custom house design

Working with one of our experienced architects will help you come up with the best custom house design for both Melbourne and Australia-wide clients. You can explore the following:


  • Current lifestyle
  • Future growth and lifestyle changes
  • Optimise home running costs


  • How can I make my home sustainable?
  • How many levels should I build?
  • What construction systems can I use to save money?


  • How will local development controls affect my ideas?
  • How long is the project likely to take?
  • Should I demolish and re-build or sell and buy elsewhere?


  • Is my budget enough to achieve what I want to do?
  • How can I revise my brief to match my budget?

So where to from here?

Our CUSTOM DESIGN Architects

All the design architects we use are registered in their respective States (with at least 5 years tertiary study and a minimum 2 years post-graduate practical industry experience as well as having successfully completed the Board of Architects Registration examination). They are:

  • Highly qualified, highly regarded, independent architectural design experts
  • Members of the Australian Institute of Architects, and
  • Covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

Get Qualified and independent design advice

Archicentre Australia does not build homes or undertake renovations. So unlike much of the self serving advice offered typically by the building industry, we can guarantee the advice and recommendations you receive will be completely independent and objective.

A Design Consultation will help you to explore the possibilities and to decide which course of action is right for you.

Do you want to chat about your custom home design needs with one of our Design Architects? It’s easy! To arrange a time to discuss ideas, or to get an obligation-free over the phone quote:

Call Archicentre Australia on 1300 13 45 13