Owning any property – especially a home – is exciting for all of us, but it pays to maintain your investment to ensure you enjoy your lifestyle and your property doesn’t lose value.

If you have a building defect that you don’t know how to repair, or need advice on how to maintain your property, Archicentre Australia can help you with an Architect’s Advice report.

Perhaps some deft detail design advice can help shape a solution on-site or after the building has been occupied. Its never too late to address potential and actual shortcomings.

If you are building or renovating your property – including a home – and a dispute arises with your builder that degenerates into a ‘your word versus theirs’ dispute – the smartest course of action is to get an independent expert to assess and guide you. Archicentre Australia can help you – even before the process might lead you to seek Building Dispute Expert Advice.