Many commercial and apartment buildings are prone to building defects – you know the list – waterproofing leaks between floors, balcony defects, common area car park defects and so on, these are common “post 1990’s building” defects, while older structures usually present with a list of defects appropriate to their era of construction….

Building defect and maintenance issues can seem insurmountable with calls flooding in week after week.

Where do you start? What will it cost? Who do you talk to? And how do you know they aren’t recommending solutions that either won’t work or are designed to give them more work without fixing your problem?

Now there’s an answer to all those questions and a simple, cost effective way to avoid potential disasters – an Archicentre Australia Maintenance Advice Report.

Archicentre Australia’s architects will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance assessment report for a fixed fee. We’ll assess your building for defects and provide you with a summary of actions that address necessary repairs and maintenance.

In addition, Archicentre Australia architects practices can follow up to provide a range of architectural services focussed on maintenance issues and potentially new building works – and can assist in carrying out the necessary repairs which are as follows:

  • Establishing scope of works
  • Specifications & Working Drawings
  • Calling tenders or Negotiating a price
  • Contract Administration including quality assurance