Building Disputes can be an extremely stressful experience and a considerable drain on your time, money and patience. An expert’s report will help you decide if your case is worth pursuing, before you invest thousands of dollars on litigation.

If you’re building your own home, a dispute may arise with your builder that degenerates into a ‘your word versus theirs’ dispute – a stressful situation that may become very expensive and drawn out over a long period of time.

Trying to resolve a building dispute is very difficult without the right advice from a reputable source backed up with expert evidence. An independent and highly regarded expert report can assist in resolving disputes early, before your legal costs really start mounting up.

The smartest course of action is to get an independent assessor to set things right.

If you’re involved in a dispute with a builder, designer, draftsman or design/construction company, it’s critical to get a professional to inform, assess and potentially settle the matter amicably. An Archicentre Australia Architect is a highly regarded independent building expert who can assist you by providing professional advice, and can help you should the matter go to mediation or litigation.


In matters that may be subject to litigation, arbitration or mediation – We can carry out assessments and prepare Expert Evidence Reports in accordance with the Expert Evidence Practice Notes, as an Independent Consultant.


  • A highly qualified building construction and design expert
  • A member of the Australian Institute of Architects
  • Covered by professional indemnity insurance
  • Archicentre Australia is covered by $20 million public liability insurance
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