With an Archicentre Australia Timber Pest Inspection Report you’ll know immediately about the condition of the buildings and property and if there are any serious building faults that may impact on your proposed purchase or renovation.

Our Accredited Timber Pest Inspectors are completely independent and highly qualified.

Archicentre Australia is primarily interested in advising you responsibly and objectively about the presence of termites, borers and other timber pests or problem areas on a property. We will not be trying to sell you products or services that you do not need – simply advise on appropriate treatments that safeguard your investment while remaining safe for  humans.

Bundle & Save! Bundle your Timber Pest Inspection with a Property Assessment and save money – some States excepted.


This inspection is a visual assessment of evidence indicating activity, damage and/or workings of the following timber destroying organisms:

  1. Subterranean Termites
    That group of wood destroying insects of the Order Isoptera which are commonly described as ‘Subterranean’.
  2. Dampwood Termites
    That group of wood destroying insects of the Order Isoptera which are commonly described as ‘Dampwood’.
  3. Wood Decay Fungi
    Fungal organisms that commonly cause the deterioration or decay of timber in service.
  4. Beetles that attack timber in service (Borers)
    That group of wood destroying insects of the Order Coleoptera that are known to cause timber damage.


  • Fixed Pricing – no hidden extras.
  • Visual Inspection by an experienced qualified timber pest inspector.
  • Comprehensive electronic report that complies with Australian Standards.
  • Quick turnaround including the inspector’s verbal on-the-day summary and discussion about the findings of the pest inspections.
  • Independent advice to help you fix problems now and reduce future risk.
  • To view the Scope and Terms and Conditions for this service click here.


  • Covered by $10 million public liability insurance,
  • Members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association,  or other State based accreditation bodies and
  • Comply with State based codes of practice such as the 2011 AEPMA Code of Practice for pest inspector qualifications, training and insurance.


  • Further advice on areas of your concern and preventative measures. Timely repairs may avoid potentially more extensive and costly future repair or replacement work.
  • Bundle & Save: Bundle a Property Assessment in with your Timber Pest Inspection and save money. Read more about our Residential Property Assessments.

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