Its Horses for Courses – the type of reinforced concrete slab design used in residential construction depends on a number of factors prevalent in the original ground conditions, according to Archicentre Australia, the national architect’s advisory service.

The slab footing system is key to the structural integrity of every house that adopts a reinforced concrete approach to construction, so it is vital that this is correctly assessed, designed and built in order to prevent future structural issues.

Waffle pod slabs are becoming more common but these should not be used in every situation while the same applies to the more traditional strip footing and stumps approach or any other form of footing/floor system.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says soil type, slope, ground conditions, climate and drainage should be taken into account when designing and constructing a slab system.

These factors must be thoroughly understood and researched by the appropriate professionals as each site can vary within and beyond subdivisions.

“Engaging an Archicentre Australia architect should be the first consideration when undertaking the design of a new home as one of the first conversations will be how the building and site will come together in a design strategy. The architect will consider the important design and siting factors for the home.” he says.

“The structural integrity of your home should always be the most important aspect of your build and the slab is vital. When looking at this, don’t wave the topic off or overlook the fine print. Passing it off or not understanding it thoroughly could leave you open to shortcuts, shoddy workmanship and one very bad investment.

“There are differing opinions on which slab type is the most structurally sound but every qualified person within the industry agrees that no matter what type of slab design is used, if not constructed as designed by a qualified engineer, it will likely fall short in some manner,” Peter Georgiev says.

The footings and foundation system should be designed for the specific conditions of the site taking into consideration factors such as landscaping and site drainage.

Ignoring the effects of landscaping and site drainage at the design stage can lead to over optimistic structural design – then being a cause for shortcomings in the slab’s performance.

Peter Georgiev says there are many complexities involved in slabs and all other aspects of building a home that endures for many years to come.

“An Archicentre Australia architect is a qualified, independent design and construction expert who can help the owner through the complexities of a new build or renovation.”


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