Traditionally the use of elevators has been confined to multi-level apartment, office or retail complexes but increasingly they are being utilised in residential suburbs, according to Archicentre Australia.

The national architect’s advisory service says the more Australians are desirous of using space much more efficiently, particularly in the major cities and towns where space is an issue, means underground garages and homes of more than one storey are becoming more common.

“The increasing value of land also drives the need for higher density accommodation,” says Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev.

“In days past the notion of an underground garage for a single home or multiple dwellings was not given any consideration,” he says, “after all, why would anybody bother when land is aplenty.”

Peter Georgiev says that as well as in new dwellings, elevators are also being installed in multi-storey period terraces. “Retro-fitting of a lift helps to super-charge space, enabling residents to utilise rooms over multiple levels in lieu of stairs.

“Of course, this is an ideal solution for people with access issues.”

As well as making better use of space, other factors driving the tendency to install elevators are mobility and ease of access from a basement garage into all levels of a home or aged care facility, shop or public building,” he says.

There is also a trend of home and land package developers to include a lift as a standard feature in a home, and this is occurring in new suburb developments in the major cities as well as in the prestigious suburbs.

Peter Georgiev adds, “This may, in part be driven by the need and possible statutory condition to accommodate those with compromised accessibility abilities.”

While the cost of installing these devices has come down over the years it is still prudent to check the method of installation. Regardless of the surrounding building’s constructional stability, where the installation does not include a self-supporting structure to save costs, the long term performance of such finely tuned machinery can be found wanting – thereby removing the effectiveness and purpose for adding an elevator.


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