Disbelief and shock are naturally around many households arising out of Government recommendations for isolation, working and schooling from home.

Topics for conversation appear to be broad – involving how to maintain a degree of comfort for parents, grand-parents, school age children, young adults, mature aged children forced back to the family home……….

Archicentre Australia director – Peter Georgiev – is fielding enquiries from those feeling trapped by seemingly inadequate home zoning and functional planning – “This thing appears to have started a trend that will endure well beyond the critical period – so it appears likely that a great many behavioral patterns arising from this event will require long term and permanent physical expression within the home or apartment” he says.

A common question is “How can you provide study and office zones for differing age groups and professional needs?” A plumber’s book keeping and administration needs are at odds with the space and Zoom based requirements of his teacher partner.”

What to do?

……so Archicentre Australia is offering a design focused Architect’s Advice Report service during April, May and forthcoming months – all as a means of assisting with design tips on how to better utilize existing space – and consider possible additional accommodation.

Archicentre Australia Architects – the general practitioners of the building industry – are the main source of knowledge when it comes to practical application of these concepts.


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