Most houses have shortcomings and whether buying or selling, an architect is best placed to highlight those issues and offer sensible, design-focused solutions aimed at achieving maximum value and liveability, according to Archicentre Australia, the national architect’s advisory service.

These assessments and advice offered by its architects are independent – providing buyers and sellers with fair minded appraisals applicable to their unique situations.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says that almost every house has at least one shortcoming – it is a matter of degree – and it may not provide value for the buyer or seller to remedy all issues.

“Shortcomings vary according to the construction methods of the era and/or of the quality of renovations and their respective designs.

“In many cases, especially in auction situations, the buyer cops responsibility for shortcomings. This is somewhat mitigated if a building is less than 10 years old, in which case the original builder is liable for building faults,” he said.

The residential property advisory service offered by Archicentre Australia removes much of the uncertainty from the stressful home buying or selling processes.

“It is a complex area – so architects provide guidance on understanding the zeitgeist of a property and its neighbourhood context while being able to cast an eye into its future opportunities,” Peter Georgiev said.

“The ‘Off the Plan’ concept is popular these days but often not very rewarding. An architect can highlight inherent shortcomings that not many others in the building industry are able to bring to client’s knowledge base.

“What’s more, architects bring a design edge to their assessments and analyses, either of the building being assessed, or the opportunities that the building and site present for the future.”

He said rather than just trusting the inspections provided by so-called building inspectors or para-professionals, Archicentre Australia advises seeking the professional services of an architect for an independent property assessment.

“These thorough assessments go beyond the constructional and build quality focus of an inspection by also considering lifestyle aspects that can only be introduced through design and architectural/siting opportunities.”


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