Engaging the services of Archicentre Australia before construction of new homes or additions & alterations to existing properties can minimise health and safety risks through clever, practical and quality design principles.

The national architect’s advisory service also has a property assessment service that checks for constructional issues in existing residences which can impact on health and safety.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says there can be fatal consequences in using sub-standard materials or compromised methods during construction, as evidenced by the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London in June.

“Utilising the knowledge, skills and experience of fully qualified building professionals, such as architects, ensures thorough attention to detail and quality throughout – from the design phase, through construction to occupation, and beyond.

“Rather than trusting the self-proclaimed expertise of builders, tradespeople and real estate agents, Archicentre Australia’s architects are ‘general practitioners’ of the building industry and are able to deal with all matters relating to design quality.

“Engaging an architect to design a sustainable home that will provide an enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle for many years to come can also ensure that all other components that go into residential construction are working from the same palette.

“Building a home or undertaking additions are complex processes and it is important that all involved utilise the best methods and appropriate materials. Choosing traditional and well understood materials is a simple way of avoiding problems – i.e. durable timbers, face bricks, colorbond products, terra cotta tiles………these go a long way to making sure the building has years of service without much maintenance.

“As an independent organisation, Archicentre Australia knows which trades should carry out the work and what materials should be used to minimise health and safety risks, while maximising liveability,” Peter Georgiev adds.

For existing homes, Archicentre Australia’s residential assessment service can be used for pre-purchase or post-purchase purposes. Assessments are conducted by experienced architects who check for any constructional togetherness and those aspects that need addressing.

“The small investment needed for Archicentre Australia’s services is an investment in the future happiness, health, safety and lifestyle of all home buyers. The cost is negligible when compared to the cost of repairing problems afterwards and the consequences these issues may present.”


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