Why risk not getting a Property Inspection?With property prices booming, homebuyers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars without the most basic of checks on a property. When purchasing a car, over 90% of people take it for a test drive. Moreover, if a member of your family is looking off colour you would have them assessed by a medical general practitioner. So why do less than 40% of home buyers get their property assessed before they buy?…..and even after buying, why do so few home buyers persist in not knowing the nature of the property they have procured?

Archicentre Australia is the recently privatised Architects Advisory Service – formerly owned by the Australian Institute of Architects.  It has never been more important for an independent and knowledgeable assessment to be made by a “general practitioner” of the building industry – an Archicentre Australia architect.

Be it an established mansion, an “as new” suburban residence or a dump “with potential” an Archicentre Australia architect can give context and holistic view of the property being considered. Being close to the site planning and design of residential buildings means that you are talking to a professional whose daily operation includes a special understanding of how the building, its site context and its services come together.

Some of the most common faults and defects found by its architects and independent pest inspectors include the need to restump the house, termite infestation, constructional faults and the need for plumbing and wiring to be replaced as safety issues.

As an authority on building and property assessments Archicentre Australia strongly advises any homebuyer to use its property assessment service and qualified pest inspection service prior to purchasing a home to avoid buying a lemon.

 Benefits of using an Archicentre Australia architect to perform your Property Assessment: 

  1. Archicentre Australia is a national provider of property assessments – with appropriately knowledgeable architects available – and capable of understanding the regional nuances of building construction types.
  2. An Archicentre Australia architect is one of the most highly trained building experts, requiring a minimum 7 years of study and practice before becoming a registered architect.
  3. Archicentre Australia architects are fully qualified, registered, experienced and specifically trained in building defect identification.
  4. Architects are independent professionals.
  5. Archicentre Australia property assessments offer a minimum of 200 point checks, from constructional integrity to cosmetics, giving you a snapshot of major and minor defects and rectifications.
  6. Archicentre Australia architects are covered by $10 million public liability insurance.
  7. An architect is experienced in working with a team of skilled tradesman and contractors. They have the knowledge and skills to identify quality workmanship, thus allowing for the easy identification of poor workmanship – particularly in new buildings.
  8. An architect is uniquely skilled to be able to tell you what the renovation and home improvement possibilities are of your proposed home before you buy, at no extra fee at the time of the assessment.
  9. ‘Architect designed’ can add up to 10% to the value of your home and the architect can help you plan for your future lifestyle.

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