Regular and thorough inspections are a vital tool in the battle to prevent termite damage to homes throughout Melbourne, according to Archicentre Australia.

While some suburbs are more at risk than others, all homes – old or new, in established suburbs or new subdivisions – are susceptible to termite infestation, and the wet spring just experienced has created ideal conditions for these insect pests to breed and explore for new food sources.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says if caught early, termites can be effectively controlled before they cause damage that can threaten the integrity of any home.

“Residents should keep their eyes open for signs of termites, such as discarded wings from swarmers inside the house, but some of the warning signs, such as bubbling paint, strange bits of mud in plasterwork or disintegrating wood, may appear too late to prevent serious damage.

“Residents should make provision for regular property inspections by experts and, if identified, the termites need to be eradicated by experts.”

Peter Georgiev says Archicentre Australia provides timber pest inspection services as part of its advisory service. “Four eyes are better than two, and when combined with a timber pest inspection, Archicentre Australia’s architect assessment service is comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that termites and termite threats are identified, along other building problems that may put the health and safety of residents at risk.

“Our pest inspector is an expert in this field and can ensure that the early warning signs are identified. He can also recommend measures that residents can take to help ensure that termites do not decide to find a new place to take up home.

“These include eliminating moisture problems, ventilating sub-floor areas, ensuring vents are kept clear, fixing plumbing leaks, ensuring water from gutters and downpipes ends up well away from the house and avoiding having gardens directly against walls.”

Peter Georgiev says that it is certainly not recommended to ignore them, to leave the problem to someone else by selling the home or to try and remove them yourself because if disturbed they will move to another place in the house. “The sooner they are removed by a professional, the more chance there is of removing further risk of damage to an owner and their neighbours.”

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