Sustainability, Water-Wise, Energy EfficiencyThese Chestnut topics deserve reiteration and elaboration for current and “designing” home owners.

Archicentre Australia director – Peter Georgiev – considers these elements of “design for daily living” to be as important, if not more important to home-owners than ever before…..“That’s why we have updated three design based technical information sheets – to once again bring them to front of mind when clients make decisions on family budgets or how their future home will serve them.”

The three information sheets in question are:

  • Sustainable Home Guide,
  • Water-wise Living Guide,
  • Energy-wise Living Guide,

All found on the Archicentre Australia website

In a predominantly “volume built” Australia, it is easy to dismiss these concepts as “add-ons” rather than as drivers of an ongoing design process called “living”.

Architects are the main source of knowledge when it comes to practical application of these concepts – ways of thinking that have emerged since the 1950’s when pergolas were as much a fashion statement as they were a design tool for sun-control.

So its back-to-the-future – only super charged by innovation and ever emerging “active” systems of energy self sufficiency that science is delivering architects and clients.


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