So you’ve bought an established home “with potential” in what you consider is a good location – proximity to shops, schools, facilities and public transport having sealed the deal.

Building condition is poor – and you’re looking forward to renovate – as you’ve paid a “ground floor” price, and being amongst some period and not so period neighbours, you figure the street value of retaining the building will be of longer term benefit – not to mention the charm of living in an environment that takes you back to your grand parents house – a place you’ve always kept dear.

An acquaintance suggests you should detonate – as the “volume builders” appear to be coming up with some good deals. This takes the wind out of your sails – and you feel obliged to check out some display homes.

Many are big in total area and exude some snappy features – but do not match a spatial aura of the established home.

What to do?……….and who to believe?………….

An independent and informed view of an architect can help.