Scope of Service


An Archicentre Australia New Home Design Report (‘Report’) is a feasibility study which will explore your property’s potential and provide information to help you to decide whether to proceed with your project and whether to engage your Archicentre Australia Design Architect (your Architect) for ongoing services.

The presented New Home Design Sketch(es) (‘Design’) is a response to your project requirements and objectives, and considers your existing site, your budget, sustainability and possible regulatory issues.

This Report is not intended to provide the final design solution for your new home but rather present you with a visual representation of an initial feasibility study. This is intended to help you to re- assess, confirm or clarify your needs.


This Report is based on a meeting with you to discuss your requirements and objectives.

This Report includes the following:

  • Description of your site;
  • List of your project requirements and budget;
  • Sketch floor plan(s) and image/section of the Design as elaborated by your Architect;
  • Outline of some of the design issues that were considered by the Architect in creating the Design;
  • Outline of some of the sustainability features of the Design;
  • Preliminary advice of relevant Council and statutory authority approvals required;
  • Broad opinion of cost for the proposal;
  • Outline of the design and building process;
  • Outline of the roles of other consultants.


The following are specifically not included in this Report:

  • Detailed Planning or Development control requirements;
  • Detailed investigation of existing site conditions;
  • Suggested construction methods, building materials, finishes, services, equipment, or systems;
  • Suggested fittings, fitments and equipment;
  • Detailed joinery, interior or landscape design;
  • General or construction dimensions, including set-outs, offsets, levels and site features;
  • Opinion of probable costs with respect to the above (these will depend on the outcome of decisions made during the future design development and documentation process).


Further detailed work outside the scope of this Report will be necessary to develop the Design. The Design will evolve as your needs are explored, assessed and fine-tuned to the point where it will be ready to begin construction documentation.

This further detailed work may also include structural engineering, development/planning consent and/or building construction approval, assessment of ground conditions, energy, asbestos (and other latent factors), as well as other investigations and/or considerations.

Once this further work is completed, the sets of documents/ drawings required for permits/approvals application and for the builder to commence construction works can be completed. This further work and construction documentation is not covered in the Report, but can be provided independently by your Architect. This further work is explained in more detail later in this Report.

Terms & Conditions

This Report, which includes any appendices and referenced documents, has been prepared by Archicentre Australia – a division of ArchiAdvisory Pty Ltd – and the named architect and is supplied to you (the named client) on the basis of and subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Scope of this Service as described above. Archicentre Australia accepts no responsibility to other persons.

The visual assessment undertaken for this Report will only include areas of the property that are safe and reasonably accessible. These will be determined by the architect at the time of the visual assessment. Workplace Health and Safety access conditions apply subject to relevant State and Territory regulations.

The Report is a preliminary feasibility study and must not be relied upon to proceed with the proposed construction. Significant further work will be required before proceeding including, for example, structural. engineering, development/ planning consent and/or building construction approval, ground conditions assessment, energy, asbestos (and other latent factor) investigations and/or considerations.

Please note that having provided you with an opportunity to read the Scope and Terms and Conditions following upon you making a booking for the Report the Architect has proceeded to prepare the Report for you and Archicentre Australia has proceeded to supply this Report on the basis that you have accepted the Scope of the Report and these Terms and Conditions and/or are deemed to have done so upon the architect arriving at the property and/or meeting with you.
The Report should be read in conjunction with any other Archicentre Australia Reports issued concurrently for the Property.

These Terms and Conditions:

  1. Contain the entire agreement and understanding between the parties on everything connected with the subject matter of this Report and the Design; and,
  2. Supersede any prior agreement, understanding, correspondence, documentation or discussion on anything connected with that subject matter.

The Report has been prepared by the registered architect (named within), with reasonable care, subject to the following:

  1. After making the booking, the client is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and Scope upon the architect arriving on site and/or meeting with you.
  2. This is not a guarantee, warranty or certificate of legal compliance, but is a professional opinion.
  3. The Report is based on the condition of the property at the time of the visual assessment made according to the terms noted above.
  4. The Report is based, in good faith, on advice, whether in writing or verbal, provided by the Property Owner, including existing dimensioned floor plans. Where provided plans are not suitable, a measure-up fee may be applied.
  5. The Report is not an assessment of building, services or property defects.
  6. The Report assumes that the stated proposed use of the Property will continue. Any proposed change in use of the Property should be verified with the relevant authorities.
  7. The Broad Opinion of Cost is not a quotation but an indicative range of the likely construction costs based on assumptions included in the Report.
  8. The Report and the Design is not a set of contract documents from which it is fit to build. Whether your Architect is engaged subsequently or not, Archicentre Australia does not accept responsibility for the development of the design, and/or documentation.
  9. Archicentre Australia does not accept responsibility for advice other than that provided in this Report.
  10. To the extent permitted by law, Archicentre Australia’s liability is limited to the provision of a new Report or the payment of the cost of a new Report, at the election of Archicentre Australia.
  11. The Report includes any appendices and referenced documents and must be read with them. The Report and its appendices and attachments, as issued by Archicentre Australia, takes precedence over any oral advice or draft reports, to the extent of any inconsistencies, and only the Report and its appendices and attachments, which form a vital part of the architect’s recommendations, shall be relied upon by you.
  12. If you are dissatisfied with the Report you agree to promptly give Archicentre Australia written notice specifying the matters about which you are dissatisfied and allow Archicentre Australia to attempt to resolve the matters with you within 28 days of receipt by Archicentre Australia of such written notice before taking any remedial action or incurring any costs.
  13. Reference to Archicentre Australia in this Report and any other documentation includes its agents and representatives authorized to act on its behalf.
  14. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to, and do not replace or remove, any rights conferred by the Competition and Consumer or any other consumer protection legislation.
  15. Copyright in all documents or material created by the architect remain the architect’s. Upon receipt of full payment for the services, Archicentre Australia provides to the named client a royalty free license to use the documents for their intended purpose only.
  16. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be or becomes void, voidable or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions continue to have full force and effect.