In the first place, you need to know that your assessor is qualified in a broad, construction-related discipline such as architecture, engineering or construction. A tradesperson will know a lot about their own area of expertise, but not necessarily enough about all the other aspects of a building. Even more dangerous is the enthusiastic amateur ‘inspector’ who has no industry qualifications at all!

Secondly, you should check that they are registered or licensed by the state regulator. Not many states require house assessors to be registered but architects, engineers and builders all have to be registered – the latter two having less broad experience for assessment purposes. This not only provides the public with some peace of mind, but also with the benefit of a range of consumer protection measures.

Finally, you should ask them whether they are insured so that you have some recourse if a serious defect is overlooked. You might also ask whether they are a member of a professional association, whether they participate in a continuing education program and whether they are familiar with traditional construction methods … homes are built quite differently these days.

Archicentre Australia’s property assessors are qualified, registered and insured and as architects they can also provide design advice if you are thinking about design based maintenance or renovating the home.