Many people who call us are trying to make big life-style decisions.

Do we move?

Should we knock our house over and build another one?

Can we renovate?

On the face of it, they appear to be tricky questions with no easy answers – friends and gratuitous advisers try to assist but don’t hit the right agendas. That’s where the experience of a seasoned architectural mind can cut through – providing independent and informed advice. So it’s not that hard to get!

The best way to work out the right solution is to look at all the options …

  • The  “buying” option is easy to think about……just scan the papers or the on-line property listings and look at as many homes for sale as you can. Even if you can’t find the perfect place, the exercise will help you to work out what you really want and you never know, you might just find “it”! Keep in mind the cost of moving………and budget for some minor home improvements anyway … most people want to put their stamp on a home, even if it ticks all the boxes.
  • The “re-building” option is also pretty easy to get your head around – instead of attending ‘Open for Inspections’ every weekend you visit Display Villages to see what’s on offer from “volume builders”……this is akin to buying a car….taking a spin around the block before you buy a new thing. Check out the prices carefully, though……what’s on display will usually be the ‘top of the range’ model whilst what’s in the Price List can be the base model. Does the price you’re looking for include the fabulous outdoor living area, the huge home theatre and the sensational kitchen you’ve fallen in love with?……and do you really need all that stuff?……and what about build quality…….as you’ve heard through the grapevine that “volume built” products can be akin to stage sets! An informed alternative is to seek a New Home Design Feasibility process utilising the independent and informed talents of an Archicentre Australia Architect.
  • The “renovation” option can be the hardest one to consider, but it’s clearly the one most people seem to prefer, especially if they want to remain living in their local area near friends, neighbours, transport, schools or shops. The need for community connection is equally important for young and old. Period details and the quaint established garden (or one with potential) are often priceless and worlds away from the “volume built” world of speculative housing. The problem is that until someone shows you what’s possible and tells you how much it might cost it’s difficult to commit. This is where asking an Archicentre Australia Design Architect can help unlock both building and siting opportunities. We have architects all over Australia who design great homes for a living. They know what works and how to get the most out of any budget. This is a great alternative to the development industry’s spin to detonate and rebuild with………