Quality of Housing – a call to ‘Independents’Much has been commented about the Housing Crisis – largely as an economic and real estate based concern. In the absence of a tax reform strategy assisting with the price of housing – e.g. gradual abolition of negative gearing – it appears that rolling out new housing via “Volume Builders” is the expedient political approach for both sides of politics.

Archicentre Australia director – Peter Georgiev – states “Our architects regularly assess ‘Off The Plan’ and ‘Volume Built’ buildings in city, suburban and regional settings – and the results are not encouraging. Typical defects arise out of poorly conceived building techniques – particularly involving ‘Waffle-Pod-Slab’ footing systems – also Waterproofing – shower recesses and balconies displaying the greatest areas of concern”.

On the media front, headlines regarding circumstances of building distress come and go – when the question might be asked, how can we avoid the misery associated with consumers’ basic amenity being compromised by this lack of care?

Expedience over considered and independently delivered housing is burning off consumers and the hip pocket of all who interface with the Goliath that is the Australian Housing “Volume Builder” industry.

Given the host of newly elected Independent members in the Australian Parliament, we can live in hope that their voices may be raised – to bring this insidious issue to the attention of fellow Parliamentarians and the Australian public………….and then to do something about it.

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