OK ……while the building industry and Governments buddy up to “get Australia moving” out of COVID in their way, Archicentre Australia is still here offering predictable and tailored design approaches – delivered by traditional builders rather than the Design & Construction approach.

With the Federal Budget behind us, the immediate future looks as if there is little chance for “real” change to the expedient methods of building procurement – not a circuit breaker in sight!

The Building Industry and its interface with communities and Government keep trotting out the same recipe for procurement – i.e. Volume Built housing and not so clever apartment towers – “Opal” and “Lacrosse” experiences appear to have been ignored – lack of endurance is tomorrow’s problem.

Promulgated as being “efficient” approaches such as “novation” have become vehicles for laziness – lacking thoroughness of research and ignoring proven approaches of designing from first principles. Cut and paste from previous projects is the way – its why the MCG has bits that look like the Gabba and Perth stadium – a trend that the architectural writer – Charles Jencks – terms “Notopia”…..a sort of Déjà Vu. New suburbs are full of this phenomena – repetition and the same mistakes.

At Archicentre Australia, there is an alternative to this “same” approach – working from first principles underscores the architectural approach to design consideration – beginning with a tailored Feasibility Design approach – i.e. preparation of a design strategy with preliminary cost advice attached – how else can a sensible conversation be had with a financial adviser!

Making a positive and informed start can assist clients to put in place strategies that will enhance their future – designed, documented and constructed using time honoured and transparent principles – client, architect, builder – all contributing to achieve “fit for purpose” outcomes that will endure.

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