The arrival of spring not only means the end of winter and onset of warmer weather, it is a time of new growth and heralds the need for home owners to take a look at maintaining and revitalising their properties.

Archicentre Australia says this is important for all property occupants to maintain the lifestyle qualities they enjoy and want to continue enjoying in the coming year inside and outside but is particularly important for those looking to sell their home during the busiest time of the year in the property markets.

The national architects advisory service stresses that a well-maintained property makes for a healthy, happy and comfortable lifestyle, and enhances property value.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says “This annual process is a must for all residents, including renters, owing to the health, safety and lifestyle benefits.

“Architects have an important role to play in this process as they are ‘general practitioners’ of the building industry and fully understand buildings and the way they interact with site attributes.

“While many simple maintenance and spring cleaning tasks should be carried out by occupants, assistance should be sought from building professionals, such as architects, for assessment of constructional matters.”

Archicentre Australia has a residential Property Assessment service or an Architect’s Advice service that involves architects assessing properties for issues relating to footings/foundations and building conditions.

These services can better inform customers of their priorities relating to maintenance and can extend to elements and finishes (floors, walls, ceilings, roofs), balconies, decks, stairs, fire protection measures, insulation, poor ventilation and dampness.

There is also a Timber Pest Inspection service carried out by independent licensed timber pest inspectors, and Peter Georgiev reminds how occupants that termites can occur in any area.

He says moving into a new home or existing residence, or even renovating a current property, represents a significant, life-changing investment and one that involves relying on the work of others to provide for future lifestyle needs.

“The residential assessment service of Archicentre Australia provides an important point of difference – architects ‘assess’ while building surveyors and para-professionals ‘inspect’.

“An architect assessment informs on livability while providing assurance about constructional soundness and build quality.

“Architects consider lifestyle aspects that can only be introduced by understanding design and architectural/siting opportunities.”

Peter Georgiev says architects bring at least a tertiary educated and experienced eye to the understanding of a building. “They understand the construction methods applicable across eras, thereby enabling a more forensic understanding of how the building and its site interface.

“Due to the general trend in today’s residential construction industry for builders and developers to cut building costs and get houses built as quickly as possible, there is much more uncertainty inherent in newer buildings, both in the outer suburbs and in city-based apartments.

“This makes it more important than ever to have an educated eye assess a property ahead of procurement,” he adds.

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