Don’t let concerns about the condition of your family home engender unnecessary and premature thoughts about possibly moving out – rather consider a Home Access & Services Report from Archicentre Australia. This new service helps Australians to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says the Home Access & Services Report is aimed at assisting those reaching years where the ageing process is throwing up challenges or those living with a disability. “It ensures people can remain at a safe, secure, sound and healthy family home for much longer.”

He says the assessment covers three categories – home faults, health and safety matters, and energy and wastage factors – that can be rectified through maintenance or modifications.

A fully qualified, independent Archicentre Australia architect visits the home and assesses it inside and out, checking for issues or risks. Residential architects advice is a crucial strategy that is often overlooked.

Among the possible home fault items assessed are trip and slip hazards, fire risks, health issues, electrics, security, roof, cracking, stumps/piers, timber rot, damp and/or mould, drainage and any illegal work.

A priority list is then prepared which enables the resident, along with their family and advisers, to make the appropriate decisions in a timely manner.

Peter Georgiev says the architect investigates and advises on the probable cause of any defect or issue of concern, including the provision of advice on its repair or maintenance. The architect recommends the possible trades, profession or technical expert to undertake further investigation and/or the repair or rectification of the issue.

He says where the matter relates to design, such as access ramps or bathroom accessibility, the architect will, where appropriate provide an assessment of design issues and provide a conceptual design solution in sketch plans.

The solution will offer utility and economy.

Peter Georgiev concludes, “The Home Access & Service Report will help you maintain some degree of control over your life, helping you to feel happier and more secure. It will help prolong independence and provide better quality of life as well as add value to the home.”

For more information about the Home Access & Services Report service, visit or call Archicentre Australia on 1300 13 45 13.

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