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The housing boom in much of Australia is seeing record numbers of new homes and apartments being constructed and in many cases the traditional services of architects are being diminished – limited to overall style and minimum statutory compliance features. In some instances the positive efforts that architects can bring to the table are being neglected or ignored with the reasons being the need to limit costs and a perceived desire for haste.

Limited or no consultation with design experts is leading to lack of detail, little use of natural site and climate advantages, poor build quality that translate to questionable investment and lifestyle choices for owners and residents, according to Archicentre Australia, the national architect’s advisory service.

“At every stage of the building process, an architect can help reduce costs, add value, style and liveability to new homes,” says Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev. “As purveyors of independent and informed design and construction advice, architects can and should be used for all construction projects – their work provides value for money.”

In Australia it is not a requirement that buildings be designed by architects, unlike in many European countries, which Peter Georgiev said made the work of architects in providing independent and informed design and construction advice all the more important.

“Archicentre Australia is concerned at the partial architectural services adopted by many builders and developers. Further, builder-based building contracts allow the builder to be at once the ‘builder’ and the ‘building expert’, which translates to there being no independent assessor on matters of quality – thereby affecting amenity and lifestyle.”

Archicentre Australia architects are highly trained building experts, requiring a minimum seven years of study and practice before becoming a registered architect. They are fully qualified, registered, independent, experienced and specifically trained.

They are also experienced in working with a team of skilled tradesman and contractors, having the knowledge and skills to strive for quality workmanship using appropriately chosen building materials.

Peter Georgiev said having an architect designed home could immediately add up to 10% to the value of a property and an architect could help plan for your future lifestyle, taking into account energy efficiency and other sustainable practices.

An architect enables new home residents to explore:

  • Current lifestyle;
  • Future growth and lifestyle changes;
  • Optimisation of home running costs;
  • Use of construction systems that can save money;
  • The impact of local development controls on design ideas;
  • Project construction time; and
  • Budget planning to achieve desired outcomes

“Upfront costs are quickly absorbed by the increase in value of the home as well as savings generated by increased sustainability, not to mention the multiple lifestyle advantages.

“Because Archicentre Australia does not build homes you can rest assured that the advice and recommendations you receive will be completely independent and objective, thereby providing information required to help decide on the best course of action,” Peter Georgiev added.

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