National termite action plan needed: Archicentre Australia

Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest combined, which means that a national termite action plan is needed, according to Archicentre Australia, the national architect’s advisory service.

“Termites are present throughout mainland Australia, which means there is no region that is safe from the risk of damage caused by the tiny, but voracious pests,” Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says.

“The current state-by-state, piecemeal approach to combating termites is simply not working as evidenced by the situation in Victoria where some councils have not designated themselves termite declared zones.

“A bi-partisan action plan needs to be implemented at a national level to protect homes and buildings throughout the nation because termites don’t differentiate between states and don’t only choose to attack houses in so-called termite-prone zones,” he says.

About one in three unprotected homes in Victoria are subject to termite attack and it is a similar number in other states and territories.

Severe termite damage to homes is on the increase due to changes in the type of chemicals allowed to be used, building construction materials, designs that encourage hidden termite entry and infestation, and increasing urbanisation.

Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within three months of construction.

“This should be of concern to all owners of unprotected homes in Australia, particularly because insurance does not cover the repair costs of damage caused by termites to a home or commercial building,” Peter Georgiev says.

A national termite plan should incorporate the inclusion of termite barriers in all new homes as well as for home additions that require a building permit, Archicentre Australia says. In some states a property inspection must be carried out if a home is being sold and this should also be adopted nationally as part of the action plan.

A national plan should also make it mandatory for ALL Australian local government areas to be designated termite declared zones as well as any unincorporated zones.

“It is ludicrous that there are still councils that are undeclared termite municipalities, including in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria,” Peter Georgiev says.

“It is crazy to think that your home could be next on the list just because you live in a council area that has not been designated as termite prone.

“Pest managers are treating infestations in these undeclared areas sometimes up to five times a day.”

He says that termites have been part of the natural environment for thousands of years but with increasing population density, ideal breeding conditions and restrictions in the types of chemicals that can be used, they are becoming more of a hazard throughout Australia, where all homes, including yours, are a potential food source.”

Archicentre Australia has a timber pest inspection service, which is available for all homes, and which involves professional, independent inspectors assessing buildings for evidence of any termite activity or presence.

“The cost of an assessment and any resulting action to remove the threat is minimal compared to the damage that termites can wreak,” Peter Georgiev says.

There is also information about termites in a comprehensive fact sheet available on the Archicentre Australia website –


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