Next time you get into a conversation regarding ‘detonation rather than renovation’, please consult Archicentre Australia’s architects – who can unlock opportunities that science can bring to re-invigorating a pre-loved building – this is Maintenance Architecture – an emerging and important movement.

Whilst Australian cities and towns don’t have a history involving Roman ruins, the nation does have a 60,000 year old civilisation – its unique lessons for story-telling and conservation involving place, flora and fauna provide instruction for Colonials in our 21st. Century context.

Colonisation’s development has often been played hard…… sooner is a building constructed and someone finds a reason to have it removed. 1990’s apartments are an example – concrete panel buildings befitting industrial use that “the market place” considered could be a good earner for those unsuspecting punters seeking apartment living. Many of these low grade developments have been replaced – and for good reason.

But what about buildings and places that have merit – those that have been utilised, loved, nurtured….only to fall into disrepair through neglect by a generation or two who lose the love?

Archicentre Australia is receiving numerous enquiries regarding how aging buildings, which have served their occupants well over generations, now find themselves at the crossroads.

Rather than adopting the lazy “volume builder” approach of detonate, common sense and a sympathetic architectural approach suggests an effort involving Maintenance Architecture.

European cities point the way – Rome is an example of how antiquity can be conserved and utilised for an enriched 21st. Century experience – this at once provides instruction on how building construction has evolved (some new age designers could do with those lessons), it also connects us with the past by way of story-telling and connection with a world that is a part of our humanity.

The Design Consultation service and Renovation Feasibility service are ways of commencing an informed and independent conversation with a design architect who understands buildings of our past – with messages of renovation and maintenance.


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