Just as the introduction of a national women’s competition has added to the tradition of the Australian Football League (AFL), the re-establishment of Archicentre Australia supports the tradition of architects serving as building industry general practitioners (GPs).
The AFL Women’s (AFLW) competition adds strength to AFL in a number of ways, including increasing interest earlier in the season, boosting involvement of half of the population and promoting inter-club rivalry, and it has been a big hit with strong crowds, better than expected TV audiences and intense competition.

Similarly, the rebirth late last year of Archicentre Australia as a privatised national architect’s advisory service adds strength to the traditional services – design, advice assessment and timber pest inspection – provided by the building industry ‘GPs’ to all aspects of building construction and maintenance.

Archicentre Australia, a division of ArchiAdvisory Pty Ltd has emerged out of a 50-year process involving state-based Architect Advisory Services – most recently being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Architects. It remains a national provider of design, advice, assessment and inspection services to the Australian public – offering an alternative to the developer/volume builder based approach to project delivery.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says the organisation stands alone as an independent and fearless advocate – guiding and educating home buyers, builders, renovators, business owners, property investors, designers, draftspersons, governments and businesses.

“In today’s throwaway society which advocates ‘build it fast and get ‘em in’, it has never been more important to seek the services of a building industry ‘GP’ – an architect.”

Archicentre Australia uses primarily sub-contracted architects with whom it has commercial arrangements that define service levels and other quality requirements. “All Archicentre Australia architects are devoted to expanding the knowledge base of consumers in a competitive and market driven environment, Peter Georgiev says.

“Unlike many European countries where the public is protected by laws that require buildings to be designed by architects, this is not the case in Australia, making the efforts of its architects all the more important as purveyors of independent and informed design and construction advice.”

He says, “Your home is one of the largest and most important assets you have, and if you have concerns, it makes sense to get advice from an independent professional – an Archicentre Australia Architect – who can help work out your best course of action and give you the confidence to move forward.

“An Archicentre Australia architect can provide an independent assessment ahead of you seeking a builder or trades to carry out works. Only an architect can ‘diagnose’ design or defect issues that require holistic understanding of design and building construction.”

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