If you intend to build a new home, the only way to ensure that it fulfils your expectations as far as quality, comfort, healthy, happy and hassle-free current and future lifestyle requirements is to carry out a new home feasibility through Archicentre Australia.

A feasibility report prepared by an Archicentre Australia architect after consultation with the future homeowner will tease out opportunities and bring to life the owner’s functional brief.

Director of the national architect’s advisory service, Peter Georgiev, says a design architect meets with the future owner to discuss their needs, lifestyle requirements, options for the home or site and the budget.

“They will then present concept sketches at a second meeting, which will reveal the design qualities that only an architect can bring to the table.

“Collaborating with one of our experienced architects can help new home owners bring their goals to reality by finding the best options for the new home and giving them the confidence to proceed with the project.

“This attention to detail will also include sustainability measures, such as optimising home running costs and outdoor design features taking into account climate and orientation,” he says.

Many people going through the process of a new build or renovations often feel they are out of touch with their builder and have little or no control over what tradespeople are doing, according to Peter Georgiev.

“However, working with an architect provides full control as only an architect can direct the traffic on matters that require holistic understanding of building construction.

“Smart design has become extremely important to delivering healthy lifestyle outcomes and Archicentre Australia architects are among the most highly qualified professionals in the building industry. They carry out their work in full consultation with you to ensure the right outcomes.

“Because we do not build homes or undertake renovations, you can rest assured that the advice and recommendations you receive are completely independent and objective, thus providing information required to help you decided on the best course of action for your home.”

Peter Georgiev says, “The trend that is far too common with new builds today is for prospective owners to go for the volume-based approach with costs, speed and ease being cited as reasons, but this also leads to problems for residents, and often not long after initial occupation.

“Rather than take this risk and in order to ensure enjoyment of the new home, prospective owners should contact Archicentre Australia to arrange a new home feasibility report.

“The cost of this process and follow-on architectural services should be built into the overall budget and considered an investment in lifestyle quality. This cost will be absorbed quickly by the sustainable living measures implemented and quality lifestyle enjoyed, as well as increased re-sale value.

“Compare the costs with the hidden ‘add-on’ costs of volume-based builders that are prolific today and you may be surprised,” he adds.


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