Archicentre Australia has long been advising clients about unfair Builder based Housing Contracts….. and the alternative of seeking independent architect administered building contracts.

Volume Builders rely on skewed building contracts – where the Builder is also the Building Expert – nice work if you can get it – and they get it every time one of their building contracts is signed.

So the latest installment of Volume Builder stress and liquidation reveals unsavory circumstances – what little trust that may have been there between consumers and builders has been further eroded………….the alternative is talking to an architect about a more transparent approach to design and project delivery.

Reports that the Victorian Government may ease the way for builders to seek cost escalation clauses for contracts in excess of 500K is disturbing. It sets up a question – what do Banks think about that?

At this point it appears more appropriate for the building industry to review their compromised contracts and business practices rather than bullying Governments to make their flawed approach to project delivery softer again.

This is a watershed moment – it really is time to clean up the building industry – not to stroke it.

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