Flood Clean-up Advice - October 2022

All Australian States are prone to “droughts and flooding rain” – and this time, many parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are affected.

Acknowledging that disruption to lives, farms and town businesses will continue for weeks if not months, Archicentre Australia is keen to make sure that clean-up efforts are carried out with care and safety.

“Our Architects act as GPs for the building and construction industry and are fully qualified to assess the constructional integrity of buildings.

“Much of the damage caused by flooding may not be visible to the human eye,” says Peter Georgiev – director of Archicentre Australia advisory service – “which means that the advice of qualified building experts should be sought before repairs are undertaken and buildings reoccupied.”

He says properties must be allowed to dry out thoroughly before any structural and finishes repairs are made, otherwise the work could prove to be a waste of time and money. For example, if the building is not sufficiently dry, mould can develop; there can be poor adhesion of finishes creating blistering; materials can move as they finish drying, resulting in cracking to plaster and paintwork; and floor coverings can lift and bubble.

After standing in water, timber will absorb moisture and may take months for the moisture content to return to what it was while floodwaters can also damage foundations, insulation, plumbing and floors.

Archicentre Australia has a range of informative Flood Advice Sheets that outline some of the things that need to be considered during the clean-up and repair process, particularly in relation to safety, drying and building integrity. These client advice sheets are available on the organisation’s website – visit https://www.archicentreaustralia.com.au/client-advice-sheets/


If you would like to talk to an Archicentre Australia architect – a building expert – about a particular matter, please call Archicentre Australia on 1300 13 45 13.

For more information go to www.archicentreaustralia.com.au


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