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Although it is becoming more difficult for first homebuyers to enter the property market, likewise it is important that due diligence be carried out before a home is acquired, according to Archicentre Australia.

House prices are rising – financing is the primary concern for any buyer trying to enter the market for the first time – and accordingly Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says due attention must be paid to due diligence to avoid making extremely costly mistakes and putting a dark cloud over the home ownership dream.

“In the red hot property market that exists in most popular residential areas there is an increasing number of first home buyers rushing in when they have secured finance and not paying attention to thorough pre-purchase assessments, with a number then paying the consequences.

“Residential property assessments carried out by architects are independent – importantly dispassionate – aimed at identifying construction or design issues that have the potential to turn into nightmares,” he said.

As an authority on building and property assessments, Archicentre Australia strongly advises any homebuyer to use its property assessment service and licenced timber pest inspection service prior to purchasing a home to avoid buying a lemon.

Peter Georgiev says, “No-one deserves being “sold a pup” so Archicentre Australia is aiming at you buying a house or apartment with confidence knowing we offer more than 30 years’ experience and a comprehensive 200-point checklist.

“All pre- or post-purchase property assessments are conducted by full qualified and independent architects, so you’ll know immediately about the condition of the buildings and property, and any significant building defects that may impact on your proposed purchase.”

As well, independent timber pest inspectors inform buyers of any concerns and advise on any necessary protective action they should take.

“Four eyes are better than two, and when combined with a timber pest inspection, Archicentre Australia’s architect assessment service is comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that timber pests and threats are identified, along with other building problems (such as mould) that may put the health and safety of residents at risk,” Peter Georgiev says.

“Unlike many European countries where the public is protected by laws requiring buildings to be designed by architects, this is not the case in Australia, making the efforts of Archicentre Australia’s architects all the more important as purveyors of independent and informed design and construction advice.

“This should be seen as a necessary investment rather than as an added extra that home buyers can avoid,” he adds.

“The up-front costs can quickly be absorbed by savings generated through such things as energy efficiency and well zoned living areas – this is quite apart from the work of architects ensuring quality and comfortable living areas that add value to homes and apartments.”


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