The developer-driven trend to produce gadget-laden accommodation purports to provide customers with what they want but is simply spin, according to Archicentre Australia.

Rather than relying on gadgets, the national architect’s advisory service says consumers should  utilise the knowledge of what it takes to provide a comfortable, sustainable consumer-driven lifestyle now and into the future based on solid and proven design principles.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says “gadget-driven accommodation is often a cynical and faddist approach to entice customers – rather than providing them with what they need or even want!

“This approach often traps unsuspecting overseas, young, elderly or investment-based purchasers of apartments or townhouses.

“Far from securing solid dwelling solutions, it is increasingly evident that customers are being treated as ‘punters’.”

Archicentre Australia is fielding increasing calls from consumers seeking advice regarding their decision to engage in the promise of an off-the-plan apartment or townhouse together with all the gadgets outlined in the developer’s spin.

Off-the-plan is a dangerous prospect,” warns Peter Georgiev, “apartment and owner’s corporation developments are inherently troublesome when compared with the option of a simple land title – it’s either yours or mine!

“Then the dispute is about whether it’s the responsibility of the individual or of the collective owner’s corporation.

“For example,” he says, “a privately-held courtyard leaks into a lower floor common owner entrance lobby, which is simply ripe fruit for solicitors while the building fault continues to fester – sometimes for years!”

Peter Georgiev says the alternative approach of having procured a simple, albeit decaying, inner city terrace starts to look good in comparison. “At least the effort of correction is with the owner and to the owner’s benefit.

“This is where community-based architects can assist – getting the framework and building process right, and encouraging traditional approaches of construction delivery – client, architect, tender and builder.”

He says Archicentre Australia design architects empower potential residential property buyers to make quality lifestyle choices based on knowledge, not spin or trendy gadgets.

“These choices bring individual lifestyle preferences to the fore so that property ownership is all about living comfortably………rather than living a false dream.”

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