Water conservation indoors and outdoors is an important component of sustainable living and these measures need to be incorporated into the design of new homes and apartments as well as in additions and refurbishments to existing homes, according to Archicentre Australia.

Water is a precious gift of nature and is necessary to sustain life, the national architect’s advisory service says, and the professional design expertise of architects offers particular attention to conserving water.

“As with all sustainability measures, water conservation is enhanced by considering site natural attributes, including site, soil type, climate and compatibility with the dwelling,” Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says.

“Incorporating water conservation measures in the design phase of a new home or apartment and in the design of additions makes sure benefit is gained by the occupants.

“Externally the design should consider the site’s natural attributes and where appropriate incorporate grey water systems, rainwater tanks, suitable guttering and downpipes and water efficient gardens – possibly even feature ponds.

“Operationally, mulch should be used to help retain moisture, low maintenance and less thirsty plants can help, and paving or decks should be considered as an alternative to large lawns which require a lot of water.

“In dry periods, plants should be given a long soak once a week and in time, they will develop better root systems and eventually need less watering,” Peter Georgiev says.

Internally, design is also important to make efficient use of nature’s provisions, he says.

“Grey water can also be utilised for toilet flushing in many locations while rainwater tanks can also be used for this purpose.

“It is also important that water-friendly devices are installed by residents, including WELS rated taps, washing machines and dishwashers, in order to minimise the impact on water use,” he says.

Archicentre Australia provides internal and external design advice and assessment that puts liveabilility, which incorporates sustainability, at the forefront of home design.

Landscape architects have particular knowledge regarding appropriate plant species, paving materials, heights of paving relative to internal floor levels, decking, entertaining areas and other outdoor effects.

“It is wise to seek their advice on effective, sustainable and complementary strategies for external design and work as landscape tradespeople often focus on one aspect,” says Peter Georgiev.


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