Ever increasing power bills are cause for concern for all Australians. Since the 1970’s passive solar architect-designed energy efficient residential measures have played a major role in reducing energy costs, according to Archicentre Australia………and now more than ever the savings are clear to all!

With most energy costs incurred in keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer, measures such as taking advantage of freely available natural site attributes should be incorporated into the design of any new build, renovation or addition.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says the principles of energy efficiency have been with architects for centuries as they utilise natural site attributes to make the built form work more effectively and efficiently for the benefit of occupants.

“Passive solar siting and sustainable elements can be included in any dwelling, taking advantage of location, climate and site aspects.

“For residential sustainability, natural attributes can be enhanced in the design phase by zoning, orientation, shading, glazing, insulation, ventilation, construction materials and heating/cooling,” he says.

Rising power bills mean living in an energy efficient home has never been more important, however, in today’s ‘throwaway society’ these same principles are often given little thought as volume-based builders strive to get homes built and occupied as quickly as possible.

While regulatory bodies are implementing tougher energy and water conservation conditions, including the 6 Star Standard that applies to new homes, renovations, alterations and additions, Peter Georgiev says many involved in the residential building industry just do what they have to.

“Greater sustainability should be mandatory not just optional.

“In many cases, much more can be done and architects are the ideal professionals to work with in all phases of the process involved with constructing a new home or refurbishing or extending an existing residence, but particularly the design phase.

“Architects ensure that all the science involved with energy efficiency is adopted to maximum benefit.

“The benefits extend beyond saving money on energy bills, including increased comfort, making homes more resilient to changing climates and raising the value of homes.

“As independent practitioners, Archicentre Australia architects work with and for future occupants and existing residents to ensure they have a healthy, happy and comfortable lifestyle now and well into the future,” he adds.


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