Uncomfortable times appear to be ahead for many in the building industry including architects, builders and certifiers – not to mention property owners – as the unfolding saga that is the Cladding Fiasco comes to light.

The question remains – how did this happen?

Archicentre Australia director – Peter Georgiev suggests that a degree of hubris has infected a development industry intent on believing that “new is good”, at the expense of traditional building materials and methods. “This is symptomatic of a range of building defects that Archicentre Australia architects are constantly uncovering”.

Peter Georgiev informs, “We are receiving ever increasing numbers of calls from concerned property owners – both as individuals and through body corporate managers – seeking assistance and advice on matters of non-compliant cladding systems and new building defects”.

“On the back of Part 2 of the ‘Crook Buildings’ media release, the matter of flammable cladding systems has accelerated into mainstream media circles – with little guidance on what to do” he says, adding – “These materials appear to be the new Asbestos.”

Since the work carried out by the Victorian Cladding Taskforce has established shortcomings in Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) and Expanded Polystyrene Systems (EPS), some events have emerged that spell out a message of widespread concern.

Firstly, in February 2019, on the advice of CertMark International, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) informed that an additional nine types of cladding – largely related to the abovementioned genres – are non-compliant – including where used for single residences.

Not long thereafter, VCAT Vice President – Judge Woodward handed down a ruling on the Lacrosse Building Fire – implicating a number of consultants – including architects, building surveyors and fire engineers along with the builder.

“Given the widespread use of both ACP and EPS across domestic, commercial and institutional building types – the greater part of the building industry will be affected by this fiasco” says Georgiev.

“At Archicentre Australia, the best we can do is provide dispassionate advice to any person or organisation that becomes affected”, he says.


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