Houses are cracking in the dry, hot weather, but when should you start to worry?

Brick cracking or distress in any form of masonry structure continues to be prominent around Australia, causing uncertainty while costing home owners and businesses ongoing repair costs – some of which are totally unnecessary – and so it is that ABC News business reporter Rachel Pupazzoni has found reason to provide broad ranging information to citizens.

Archicentre Australia – the Architects Advisory Service were amongst those sought for comment.

Archicentre Australia continues to support consumers where they are seeking independent advice on the specific nature of cracking as it applies to their buildings. Typically an Architect’s Advice Report Service provides for an hour long assessment and verbal advice – followed with a further hour long preparation of a summary report – all for a fee of $695 incl.GST – in city or suburban locations.

This can offer particular advice not to mention “piece of mind” to consumers and allow for low cost strategies to be considered in place of expensive and unreliable alternatives such as underpinning – especially if none is required.

Looking to the future, Archicentre Australia’s managing director – Peter Georgiev – considers that with the undoubted effects of a changing climate, revised structural engineering design standards should be developed to address both remediation and the construction of new buildings.

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