Whether building a new home or renovations & additions to an existing home, it is extremely difficult for average Australians to know what costs are involved in the many aspects of construction – new building, renovations or maintenance.

The Cost Guide prepared by Archicentre Australia addresses this problem by providing cost advice for residential construction components. The concern for many is whether these costs are matched by Built Quality.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev considers it essential that both built quality and cost are understood when anticipating construction costs.

“We recommend that matters of cost control be made part of the conversation at the earliest time of design consideration – and that these are checked as plans are developed – until the project is ready for tender. Avoid Design & Construct arrangements as these appear to offer value without the certainty that quality will follow” he says. “It is virtually impossible for most people to comprehend how costs match quality during the construction process”.

“The updated guide explains costs in a reasoned manner,” Peter Georgiev says, “as a precursor to seeking a site and building specific ‘opinion of probable cost’ provided when you engage an Archicentre Australia Design Architect to provide a feasibility sketch.

“The feasibility sketch provides more specific cost advice related to the individual project. Further definition will be achieved once the design is developed, costed by an independent quantity surveyor, and taken to competitive tender when actual prices are obtained.

“In many instances, cost can be saved and/or a better job achieved through an architect’s rigorous preparation of tender documents and a review of tenders.

“By using Archicentre Australia for your feasibility design process, you are making use of our filter, where we match your needs with a Design Architect who will suit your circumstance.

Unlike many design professionals on offer, our Design Architects understand residential design and architecture – that’s why you can rely on their knowledge from feasibility stage through to the completion of construction to guide the process of you interfacing with the building industry.

“Compare it to the ‘add on’ costs of volume builders – you may be surprised,” he concludes.

The updated guide can be viewed by visiting: www.archicentreaustralia.com.au/resources/cost-guide/

For more information go to www.archicentreaustralia.com.au


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