Quality of construction is suffering badly – e.g. why do we have various Australian Standards on waterproofing of balconies and shower recesses when designers, builders and trades choose not to apply them?

It starts with architects as leaders… and their roles as trusted advisers.

Every time an Archicentre Australia architect is asked to provide guidance on matters of defective built outcomes by means of an Architect’s Advice Report service, the Elephant in the Room question is… who designed this thing and/or who built it?

Built Quality... it Starts with Architects... Archicentre Australia.

It is evident that Governments are turning to compromised means of taking guidance from vested interests in the building industry – e.g. volume builders, novation – rather than using the COVID pandemic as a circuit breaker to reconsider their approaches to building procurement. Short term “re-energising the economy” can only continue the now well established pattern of trotting out “Crook Buildings”.

The narrative goes something like this…

“architect (good for sketches) novates to a builder – builder (hassled by a project manager employed by a developer) calls for subcontractors to take responsibility for economic detailed design and delivery – subcontractor seeks quotes from trades at the lowest cost…

You know the rest!… sounds like the security guard issue at Quarantine Hotels….half baked!

Archicentre Australia has architects who are aware of these shortcomings and can advise clients in a dispassionate manner about what they are now faced with regarding repair and possible reconstruction.

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