Moving into a newly-built home or existing residence or renovating a current property – this represents a significant, life-changing investment and one that involves relying on the work of others to provide for expectations of a fulsome lifestyle.

Rather than just trusting the self-proclaimed expertise of builders, tradespeople and the relentless advertising efforts of – particularly – Volume Builders, Archicentre Australia, the national architect’s advisory service, advises all potential home owners to seek the professional services of an architect in conducting thorough pre-purchase, pre-build and/or post-build assessments.

Director Peter Georgiev says it has never been more important for an independent and knowledgeable assessment to be made by a ‘general practitioner’ of the building industry – an Archicentre Australia architect. “Our property assessments and pest inspections help take the uncertainty out of home-buying and renovations.

“With Archicentre Australia, you can buy a house with confidence knowing we offer more than 30 years experience and a comprehensive 200-point checklist.

“All pre-purchase or post-purchase building inspections are actually full property assessments, and conducted by architects who have “been around the block a few times”. So you’ll know immediately about the condition of the buildings and property, and any significant building defects that may impact on your proposed purchase or renovation.”

Archicentre Australia’s fully qualified and experienced architects travel to site and conduct independent assessments before providing immediate advice on the condition of buildings and properties, and if there are any serious building faults.

They also provide a written report including:

  • Condition of the house and property;
  • Major defects, minor defects and maintenance items;
  • Analysis and advice on how best to fix or manage these issues;
  • Recommended professionals and/or trades which may be appropriate to undertake further investigation or carry out the recommended action; and
  • The renovation or development potential of the property.

As well, Peter Georgiev says, “Checking the building for defects is understood by many, but our independent timber pest inspectors will inform you of insidious concerns and advise on any necessary protective action should be taken to address this important aspect of home ownership – particularly as many councils are in denial about the presence of termites in their municipalities – this is a serious joke!”.

“Four eyes are better than two, and when combined with a timber pest inspection, Archicentre Australia’s assessment services are comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that timber pests and threats are identified, along other building problems that may put the health and safety of residents at risk.”

Some common faults and defects found by the organisation’s architects and timber pest inspectors include the need to restump the house, active termite infestation, constructional faults and the need for plumbing and wiring to be replaced as safety issues.

Archicentre Australia also offers comprehensive surveys and dilapidation reports which assess any damage caused or damage threats presented by nearby construction work, such as new home construction and renovations, particularly along boundaries, road works infrastructure projects and demolitions.

Another assessment service offered is for home warranty insurance purposes and is designed for owner-builders planning to sell their recently built or renovated home.

As an authority on building and property assessments, Archicentre Australia strongly advises any homebuyer to use its property assessment service and qualified timber pest inspection service prior to purchasing a home to avoid buying a lemon.

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