When it comes to construction of new homes, townhouses, apartments or additions and alterations  of residences, there is an all too frequent “corner cutting” approach that is being adopted by the building industry.

Sometimes this is explained as providing economy and efficiency to the construction process – then trickling down to the consumer by way of building affordability.

Archicentre Australia is becoming aware of an over-zealous tendency to achieve affordability, translating to impermanence or as some term it, “Stage Set Syndrome”.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says, “It would not be expected that a new building’s performance or its constructional and detailing shortcomings come into question. Sometimes it is often within weeks and months of occupation.”

Older buildings have withstood the test of time and generational change – albeit requiring care and maintenance.

Things to look out for include:

  • The widespread use of “waffle-pod” slabs, which are prone to excessive flex and cracking;
  • Ceiling collapse – often as a consequence of flexing and cracking and the tendency for ceiling linings to be attached directly to the bottom cords of roof trusses;
  • Inadequate detailing and application of waterproofing to internal shower recesses, balconies and terraces,
  • Inadequate detailing of balcony and terrace floor levels relative to internal floor levels.

“These are just a few of the situational matters which translate into premature deterioration and therefore Stage Set Syndrome,” Mr Georgiev said.

Strategies to counter these problems are:

  • Avoid off-the-plan developments as you have little control over what details and built quality are provided;
  • Be realistic about your expectations (design features and budget) by at the very least seeking an independently and architect-prepared feasibility design for the project;
  • Maintain design, quality and cost control by engaging an experienced Archicentre Australia architect to see through processes – both statutory and contractual.

“Quite simply put, the cost of architectural services is well extinguished by seeking built solutions that endure into the future,” Mr Georgiev said.

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