Australia’s national architect’s advisory service – Archicentre Australia – is back on the beat providing independent design, advice, assessment and timber pest inspection services to the Australian public.

A division of ArchiAdvisory Pty Ltd, Archicentre Australia has emerged out of a 50 year process involving state based Architect Advisory Services. Most recently it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), a member-based organisation.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev said the AIA did not manage its subsidiary as well as it could have and as a result was forced to wind up operations in September 2016. However, the service was restarted soon after as a private company run by private architects.

“We could see that the service still had an important role to play in offering an alternative to the developer/volume builder based approach to project delivery.

“As an independent and fearless advocate, we are able to guide and educate home buyers, builders, renovators, business owners, property investors, designers, draftspersons, governments and businesses.”

Peter Georgiev said Archicentre Australia had an important role to play in introducing Australian consumers, who otherwise may not be able to afford the high quality advice and services of an architect, to the considerable benefits an architect brings to any building matter.

“All Archicentre Australia architects are devoted to expanding the knowledge base of consumers in a competitive and market driven environment.

“Unlike many European countries where the public is protected by laws that require buildings to be designed by architects, this is not the case in Australia, making the efforts of its architects all the more important as purveyors of independent and informed design and construction advice.

“The company uses primarily sub-contracted architects with whom it has commercial arrangements that define service levels and other quality requirements,” he said.

All Archicentre Australia architects:

  • Are registered and have completed at least five years of tertiary study and have at least two years of post-graduate practical industry experience.
  • Have successfully completed the Board of Architects Registration examination.
  • Are members of the Australian Institute of Architects.
  • Have completed a rigorous induction program, including advanced building construction & fault detection training.
  • Are passionate design and construction specialists and advisors, who have access to current technical and costing information relating to construction.
  • Have critical knowledge and expertise in working with neighbourhood planning and building disputes for both domestic and commercial properties.

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